Things to be happy about

My own ongoing compilation borne out of my reading of 14,000 things to be happy about (Barbara Ann Kipfer). However, in my case I question whether I should rely on these often quirky, and otherwise physically insignificant but emotionally/sentimentally poignant moments, for happiness, and in any case what this means for life. Accordingly, I will occasionally tag in parentheses whether my mind is conflicted with the item (typically as too superficial).




  • Sunlight

  • Freedom of movement: if I want to go somewhere, I can make my own way.



  • Reading poignant and interesting words free from literary artifice.


  • The excitement of envisioning building a grand deisgns worthy place being not too far away.



  • Reading under a leafy oak on a sunny day.

  • The ambience of a cafe, especially for reflection and, seemingly counter, focus.

  • Text with thoughtful type-scale, large margins, double spacing, and simple font.

  • The saying "God helps those who help themselves."